Gender-affirming communication research

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Acceptability and effectiveness of a new program of gender-affirmation communication services

We are conducting research to assess the acceptability and effectiveness of a new program of gender-affirmation communication care to better serve the transgender and gender diverse communities. There is no cost associated with any of the services, and participants may be compensated up to $90 (plus mileage) for their time. Participation involves:

  • approximately 16 sessions of no-cost individual and small-group intervention sessions with a speech-language pathologist (SLP) to target goals around communication and gender presentation that you create with the SLP, and
  • 3 data collection sessions with researchers spread over the course of your clinical sessions.

Each session, whether clinical or data collection, takes approximately an hour. 

If you:

  • identify as transgender, gender diverse, or gender expansive and
  • are interested in gender-affirming communication services through campus clinics through the Lincoln or Kearney campuses of the University of Nebraska, please contact us via email at or by phone at (402) 472-3911.

There are multiple other ways to be involved, and no known risks to participation in any aspect of the project.  

Trans Collaborations is a community-based research initiative connecting TGD communities and academic research teams in Nebraska, Michigan, and Alabama.